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    So what do you guys think?
    Pentium 4
    Athalon MP
    Athalon XP
    What gives the best bang per buck for TPMG and other encoders?
    (using the prices from eg
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  2. The AMD XP 2100+ at $85 is the budget sweet spot right now.

    A motherboard XP2100+ combo for $130+

    Don't forget to set the right settings in BIOS.
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    For around $500 you can get a motherboard and dual AMD MP 2000+ processors.

    My dual AMD MP 1900+ system generally encodes 740x480 MPEG2's with higher quality settings in TMPGEnc in real time.
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  4. I do not think a dual CPU motherboard gives you most bang for your buck.

    A AMD XP 2600+ MB combo with 333mhz frontbus for $360 (and up)
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