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  1. Hi,

    I've just started authoring DVD-r video, and have created a file that is 4.48gb. When I import it into nero (after correctly authoring it with SpruceUP) the disk usage is just over 4.5gb, but well less than 4.7.

    Nero will not allow me to burn because its DVD-r limit is 4500mb.

    Since the DVD-r media is 4.7gb, what gives?

    Any way around this without clipping or re-rendering my video?
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    Other threads on this forum indiacate the actual capacity of a DVDR is actually only 4.37GB in computer terms. It's like buying a 40GB hard drive and windows reports it as 38.7GB.
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    Select the file, then RIGHT CLICK on it, then select PROPERTIES. Windows will give you the EXACT FILE SIZE down to the byte. I always use this method to see just how much space I have left, 'cause I'll be damned if I can ever tell how big the file is with all these different programs. Spruceup should have showed you the DVD icon that was "in the red" when you authored the thing (been there, done that).

    This shit is confusing as hell, isn't it?
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