Hi All,

First of all thanks in advance for your help as I see this is not the first time this gets posted but I can´t seem to find the answer to what I needm which is quite simple in reality.

I have a Sony A7 that and I work with AVCHD (H264, MTS files). I do use Davince Resolve 12.5 to edit my videos, color correction and so on... but I have encountered a problem when using different source videos as even tweaking playback options in my project is never smooth enough, and even more of an issue if I have any 4K videos in. MY computer specs are OK, not a great thing but should be OK for an HD project (i7 4800HQ, 16GB, SSD+HDD, ATI R 290M 4Gb).

All in all, that should be enough to edit my videos OK, but after reading so many related problems many people has recommended me to transcode all videos into ProRes HQ or AVID DNxHR for easier handling.

I have donwloaded the AVID 2.7.3 and tried using different converters. HandBrake, WinFF, FFMpeg, AVIdemux and MPEG Streamclip. With the only one I made just a bit of progression is with MPEG Streamclip but it gives me a ton of errors when exporting and it never allows me to open MTS files without errors.

To sum it up, what would you use to transcode from MTS (H264) to AVID or ProRes win Windows (10), more importantly... FREE

I appreciate your help.

Thank you.

BTW: as you can imagine I´m quite a newbie on this, as I don´t even think ProRes is suitable for Windows ....