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But since there is money to be made it will eventually show up, perhaps as a plug in. That is how Pinnacle systems did it over 10 years ago with HD, I paid over $100 for it to do HD Blu Ray. They were one of the first to provide HD AVCHD burning in this price class.

I asked TEMPGenc, no reply, as to the others, I doubt they will bother to answer, and if they do it is "we are working on it"

Haha, forget about it for $100. You'll need to add several zeros.
You 3 amigos have your answer from one reply: http://www.scenarist.com/

There may be no tsmuxer for uhd.
What is wrong with playing from hard drive or video file?
Clearly you and the 2 others don't understand how complex even standard blu-ray menu work is.
Then add more complexity and likely copy protection...do yourself a favor and split from the other 2 amigos.
Then reread Scott's replies very carefully this time....that's right, slow down real slow and read...try your best to comprehend his complex sentence structures.
Only then it may dawn on you that your quest ain't gonna happen...captain...maybe "in the year 2525".