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    I grabbed one $1803-wheels dolly on eBay.
    It looks strong but when adding tripod and camcorder on it, it was bumpy even running on granite or hard wood floor. The wheels are 2 inches diameter. Is it too small or the dolly is not heavy enough ? When I push it, it's not running straight line, slightly moving left-right-left-right. Did I pick the wrong one ? any tips to improve it ?
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    Do you mean $180, 3-wheel?
    $1803, wheeled?

    Are you talking about something like this:

    That is likely too lightweight.
    Are the tires solid, hard rubber? wood/plastic/carbon/metal? or are they cushiony, inflated tires (like bikes, motorcycles, cars, hand carts)? Unless it's the last, or unless it's the kind of dolly that uses skates on track, you'll get lots of vibration.

    Just a guess, but I think you picked the wrong one.

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    Sorry, typo. $180 dolly only, with Manfrotto 055 heavy tripod on. It's rubber wheel.
    Any suggestion ? Or I have to run on tracks for straight line pushing ?
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