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    Many years ago (20) I had my parents 8mm transfer to VHS. Recently, captured the VHS to my computer. How can I clean the video up? Is seem very grainy and especially blurry when shown on a 40" HD TV. Would like to make the scenes and people be clearer and sharper.

    Is there software available or must I send the DVD to a pro who know what to do?

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    Post a sample of the actual capture here to the forum. Then we can give you an idea of what can be done.
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    With a 8mm->VHS->?->DVD, you can't do a whole lot. That's to be expected. But "captured" how? Maybe your process wasn't optimal. Tell us more...

    However, have you considered RE-transferring the 8mm (not to VHS this time but direct to a digital format (either SD or HD). 8mm has an inherent analog equivalent resolution of ~1000x720, maybe slightly more, when transferred with the best equipment, when it was exposed properly to begin with, and was slow ISO film. There's a range downward from that to equivalent to VHS quality - it all depends on the source and how it was/is transferred.

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