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    I download files no problem using get_iplayer
    The files are saved as mp4

    However I'm told that due to DRM protection I cannot save them for posterity ...they will self destruct after 30 days.

    Several links followed on lne but most come back to Amerisoft/Danusoft/Convertiplayer ....... but that is not free.

    Are there any free utilities to remove DRM and presumably re-encode as 'clean' mp4 format
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    Well I read that as well

    What I have done is simply move the downloaded file to a different location (from the default download folder created by get_iplayer) and my downloads survived.

    Have not done this for some time so it may no longer work.

    As for removing the DRM, that methinks is a taboo question.
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    The only way I know of in this type of case to deal with DRM is not to actually remove it, but to instead use a streaming media recorder that records the video in real time while it plays and saves it. The final saved file will not have DRM. You will have to buy a program to do this. I don't think there are any free programs that can do it very well. This is actually how the "DRM remover" programs really work. They play the file in real time in a way so that you aren't aware it's actually playing (no obvious display of the playing file) and they record it in real time. "Real time" means 1 hour of video takes 1 hour to record. I've never heard of any programs that can actually remove BBC DRM, but to be honest with you as I live in the USA I can't say I have done exhaustive research on the subject.
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    Originally Posted by Tafflad View Post
    they will self destruct after 30 days.
    If you watch in iPlayer using a web browser, you can download the .flv version using something like Internet Download Manager.

    See attached image showing the download of episode 3 of the dreadful "Boomers". Yuck.
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