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    I recently went on a family tip for a wedding down in Pismo Beach for my brother and his wife and I saw something that was quite intriguing during the reception. They were playing a video slideshow off of some type of projector that was quite small. I went to go take a look at it because it looked quite cool. The projection looked good from me sitting about 15 to 20 feet away from the projector. I asked my brother who's projector it was and it was his! He said it's a pretty cool projector and that I should try it out. I took it home for the weekend to play around with it and it's a pretty cool projector that I will most likely buy! It's called the AAXA LED Android Projector. It runs some sort of Android OS with full capability to the Google Playstore. I download the Youtube app to see how apps work on the projector and it works pretty well. There's no lag at all. My brother bought it for his job as a pharmaceutical salesman where he travels a lot and needs to have presentations for his clients and such. The brightness of this projector this size is pretty cool. I do have one thing that bothers me a little bit's quite noisy. The fan is pretty small in the projector so the fan noise can be a little too noisy at times. But I quickly fixed that by using an external speaker. I shot this video towards the end of the day yesterday and I thought I should share this with you guys. It may be something that I can use for my kids in their playroom for when they have friends over to watch a movie or play games off of.
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    Nice but this sounds like an ad for that projector.
    It's still a DLP device at the end of the day and one crucial spec was left out: color wheel speed (ok since it's lit by discrete RGB LEDs, how often do they sequentially flash to complete a frame of video? 1x? 2x? 3x?). I'm sensitive to little flashes of RGB flotsam some DLP projectors make.
    For the nth time, with the possible exception of certain Intel processors, I don't have/ever owned anything whose name starts with "i".
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