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    Ok, I am having trouble printing some Slimline case inserts. I bought these: Merax Photo Matte Slim DVD Case Inserts


    I've tried a few programs and no luck getting them to successfully print, corner to corner to the template.

    Surething, UndercoverXP and even the Merit line EZ Label Xpress. Surething comes the closets to a perfect fit, it has those cases listed, but the Slimline part of the printing is not Slim. (LOL) Even if you select the SlimLine option it still prints the Spine larger size.

    The UndercoverXP, is nice tool, but I've tried entering and changing the dimensions and I don't see it shifting up or down.

    I also have a Cannon 5400 series printer that has ability to print to DVD, but their software doesn't allow images, only custom work. I live in Canada so I don't know about the whole backing up your own DVD's but this is all I am looking to do, without buying a ton of programs.

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    I've had very good luck with cdrLabel.
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    If your printer supports borderless printing then look into that option.

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    What I've done is use a template based on 8 1/2" x 14" (aka Legal page size), use crop marks, design with spillover (bleed) of ~1/4", and print to Legal sheets and then cut on the crop marks. I usually use FedEx/Kinkos for this (since they have nice Color Laser printers & paper cutters), but it could easily be done at home too.

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