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    I have a video editing software program. I require a video media player that plays various formats in Microsoft Silverlight. The media player we are currently using only plays some MP4's and AVI. Basically wanting the a VLC Media player for Silverlight. Does anyone know of a really good media player that plays many formats for Silverlight.

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    Really good? No. But WMP should work, as much as I hate it. Is there a reason why you're not using that? Maybe you're on Mac or Linux and didn't bother to mention that. If you really need to test Sliverlight encryption rather than playback, you should probably mention that. The times I've seen it used it just required the use of a standard browser rather than a dedicated player.

    Sliverlight is dead. The major companies that used it either are in the process of leaving it or have already left it. Even Microsoft has given up on it for all intents and purposes. The fact that a small number of websites still use it only means that they are really behind the times.
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