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    Sorry I'm a newbie... And this what I did for my problem....
    I have a video file that has MPEG-H/HEVC/h.265 video track ( I have added the screen shot)
    I was converting this file to m2ts because I have to play this on my tv (Sony bravia) which plays m2ts or mp4 ( it doesn't support mkv)
    I use ts_muxer for this but the output file it gives for this video after converting to m2ts doesn't play video.. I only hear sound.
    What should I do?

    Or if I convert HEVC(h.265) to h.264(I don't know how to convert) after demuxing and then mux it using mkvmerge then convert it to m2ts, then would it work? When I demux it I get a HEVC file.
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    Buy the movie on blu-ray instead. See our warez rules: