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    Pls help. I am trying to copy a vhs with no sound to a dvd. I hooked it up to a tv and can play the vhs to the tv. What do I do to copy the vhs to the dvd? I tried the dubbing button as one you tube video said and it didn't work. I have the source as vhs. I thought this would be simple, but not for me. Please help. Thanks. I know that once it copies I have to finalize the dvd, but I can't even get to that point.
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    If your VHS is commercially distributed (e.g. Hollywood movie, etc), it is copyright protected with Macrovision.

    ALL DVD, and similar, recorders (whether in combos or separates) are required to be built to honor Macrovision and shut down when an attempt is made to record a title that includes it.

    Only way to get it to work is to strip Macrovision from the source signal, and the best device for this is a full-frame TBC (which has other, more important uses, but has this helpful byproduct). VCR->TBC->DVDrecorder. That is a major problem for combo units...

    BTW, it is premature to think "this is simple".

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    If it is not a commercial tape - some are not copy-protected - then pages 38 and 39 of the user manual do explain the process.

    Since this unit has bi-directional dubbing, you may have it set as dvd >> VCR

    Normally, with a copy-protected tape, and the settings are correct, you would get a message of sorts when you can not dub.
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    I was able to rip one VHS tape to a disc but now the Funai zv427fx4 will not record another. I have tried different discs as well as tapes. When I follow the directions (the same way I successfully recorded the first disc), the VHS and disc symbols flash in the display panel but no recording occurs. The tapes I'm trying to copy are home videos, nothing commercial and the non-eraser tabs are in place.
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