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    hello guys
    i'm new in translating and encoding stuff
    but i got that Aegisub is the best in subtitles stuff and it was really awesome
    only encoding is my problem right now
    tried out MeGUI was yes good but not good enough
    seriously i heard of another better x264 encoders but what it's name well the people who know keep it secrete something like exclusively
    the only information i have about such encoder is that for example in MeGUI the output file name ends with muxed right
    yes that encoder have something different output file name ends with a little code or offset within []
    something like this
    original file : [Taka] Fairy Tail – 01 [720p].mkv
    after encode : [Taka] Fairy Tail – 01 [720p][B50D2F08].mp4
    another example :
    original file : [Horriblesubs] Fairy Tail – 01 [480p].mkv
    after encode : [Horriblesubs] Fairy Tail – 01 [480p][E226A778].mp4
    and i think this encoder is also old maybe since 2009 or older
    i hope that i find it here cause i really didn't find anywhere else and thank you so much
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  2. There is no "secret". The settings are all that vary.
    The best (free) implementation of h264 is x264, which MeGUI uses.
    And MeGUI is about the best GUI / front-end you can get.

    Again, MeGUI is just a front-end, if want the latest version of x264, just search this site.
    If you don't like MeGUI, you need to read more, you're a noob and don't know what you're doing.
    Or you can try checking the tools section here for an alternative you may like.
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    Yep, there's no magic encoder. As mentioned free/open source GUI encoders are just front ends for common open source tools.

    Even more, the ones that you pay $50-100 for are also just GUI front ends for the exact same open source programs. This is just routine.

    You can put these GUI encoders roughly into 2 categories. The first are the ones that are supposed to be extremely easy to use. The way they do that is simple. They don't many encoder settings. So the quality stinks.

    Or, there are the very powerful ones that you'll find often recommended here by the really knowledgeable video geeks. Unfortunately, those are not noob friendly at all. They include all those complex settings that noobs don't understand, and there are no settings that are right for all source videos.

    Those encoding settings were not designed for noobs who want to rip/encode their dvds. They are professional standards, designed for professionals.

    There are a few encoders that combine a fair amount of power with reasonable ease of use. Handbrake (or Vidcoder, which is the same basic encoder with a different GUI) and Avidemux are the only ones I can think of.
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  4. The 'magic' isn't in the encoder, it's in the filtering you do to the source before encoding.
    btw. the code added has nothing to do with the encoding settings or the encoder, it's the CRC32 added by tools like
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    first thanks a lot guys for kindly comments
    guys it's my fault then that i described it in a wrong way
    am not talking about the encoder itself which i'm pretty sure it's just open source command line program that can be a part of any GUI programs like MeGUI or whatever
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    megui can insert watermarks ; just edit the filtering script
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    so none have any idea what that program is ?
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    There's a lot going on in that frame. Are you talking about the simple watermark on the upper right or the animated titles? MeGui for the first, After Effects for the second.
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    Maybe you are thinking of FFQueue. It's a GUI for ffmpeg and has many filters including watermark. it allows you to specify location, start and end frame, as well as fade in/out.
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    i'm very grateful guys for responding really i'm
    alright, sounds like there's no solution except MeGUI, well no problem then
    okay let me say that i want add a small logo to the upper left corner is there any appropriate guide or script to do it ?
    also the recommended filters will be awesome
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