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    the question is:

    how to remove annoying voice-over on video when there's only one track?

    because if there were two, it'd be easy to rip out the other track ...

    I've downloaded a couple of American and German movies which have these REALLY annoying Polish or Russians guys doing voice-over. It's not even dubbed, so you can occasionally hear the original voices.

    But recently I've discovered there's software that can remove the vocals from songs, make them into karaoke versions. So, my crazy thought was: is there also software that can remove voice-overs???

    1. if this question belongs in another section, than please move it there.
    2. I can give anyone the names of these movies if they want a closer look, and no, there aren't any subtitles not on the 32 subtitle sites i've been.
    Looking for the subtitles of: Hk tt0997023 - Lime tt0269480 - Desideria tt0081724 - La cl sur la porte tt0077348 (
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  2. One track or one channel (not stereo)?

    Karaoke voice removal works by inverting one channel of a stereo track then subtracting one channel from the other. All sounds in the middle are removed.

    Dual language tracks often have one language on one channel (left) and another on the second channel (right). With that you can simply delete on of the channels.

    If you have a mono track you can't remove one language.
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    If it's on the same track as the regular audio, you're out of luck.
    Better look for a different version.
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    Originally Posted by davexnet View Post
    If it's on the same track as the regular audio, you're out of luck.
    I speak Russian well. I'm familiar with the practice and have written about it here more times than I can count.

    It's ALWAYS on the same track as the regular audio and inevitably the sound is mono.

    As a point of interest, Russia stopped doing this kind of thing quite a while ago and for many years now all the Hollywood movies have proper Russian only soundtracks, but some people who grew up in the USSR days are still nostalgic for it and there's actually a cottage industry where some people produce this type of soundtrack in MP3 format for a lot of American movies and interested people can download the MP3 files and play them along with the movie. You can play it instead of the soundtrack if you know what you are doing and have the right software.
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    davexnet gave you good advice: look for a better copy. While apps like the free but excellent Audacity sound studio can create karaoke tracks that you can remux for you project, you will find that the audio quality is very poor. It's possible to create a stereo effect from a mono recording; but unless you have a true stereo track, you cannot use the karaoke technology. Sometimes you have to accept the limits.

    If you are able to get a copy of the movie in a foreign language without a voice-over, consider using subtitles. There are several sites that offer subs for free. I use freeware Aegisub or Subtitle Workshop to edit the subtitles as correct punctuation has become a lost art, and the parents that paid for the schooling of the folks that develop software spelling checkers deserve a refund.
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