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  1. Hello everyone In New here
    Can You pleas tell Me How To Convert Mp4 File to MPEG4 Simple Profile

    Which Converter Can Do this
    Thanks In Advance
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    mpeg4 simple profile is usually a divx/xvid video codec in an avi file.

    Convert with for example freemake video converter(select to avi and choose xvid mp3 preset), xmedia recode(selectt dvd player preset), xvid4psp 5 (select avi hardware preset).
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    I needed exactly the same thing so I tried a few encoders (mediacoder, xvid4psp, tencoder, xmedia recode, etc.) and my choice went to xmedia recode. It's not the easiest, but I found it to be the one with the most appropriate options for the job.
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