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  1. hello..I have problem with my dvd and bd disc...First I am using magix edit pro and I am making all my videos with that program. Both dvd and bd with the same menus. All discs are verbatim dual -layer 8.5 gb printable and verbatim bd-r 25gb printable. After encoding and finishing the discs on my pc everything works just fine but on some dvd players the discs stops in the middle and sometimes it takes a while before the are starting again.And sometimes the movie is hacking also. I think that is the breaking point but I am not sure, I also have the same problem on my bd disc. I would be grateful if somebody coluld help me. How am I supposed to do to avoid this problem but I still need the menus and everything on my discs?
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    Try burning to disc with IMGBURN (can be found here in the TOOLS section).
    You need to export your project from Magix to either a folder or iso file. Then burn with IMGBURN.
    Before burning, you may want to view the contents of the folder created with Magix with your dvd/br software player to check behavior of the finished disc.

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    Is this occurring on all players, or some players? Only occurring on some players would tend to indicate a media compatibility issue.

    You can test your burned disc(s) for errors using Nero Disc Speed or DVDInfoPro.
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