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    I am not too happy with the fluid head on my Magnus VT-3000. What would you guys recommend for a replacement? I am guessing that I will probably have to also buy an adaptor since it is a 65 mm half ball. The problem with the stock head is that I notice that the resistance is very strong no matter what the lock knob is set to. So when I start the pan I get a big jerk and then it is smooth. I cannot start out very smooth at all.


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    75mm and 100mm are common standards. Google turned up a couple of 65mm models from companies I have never heard of.

    You may want to start from scratch on this one. Manfrotto offers several good models at decent prices.

    I've never heard of an adapter, but I can't imagine using one would lead to anything but stability and smoothness issues.
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    Maybe this one, but itīs a 60 mm. half ball head, you may or may not need an adapter, I dont know.
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