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    I created many DVD-R's before and never have problem. Recently, I suddenly started to have problems: the DVD-R's I burned cannot be played either on my computer or on my DVD player, even though the program says "your DVD was completed successfully". The same computer can still burn playable CD's. The DVD player can still play my DVD-R's made before the problem started. I suspect the discs were not finalized since I cannot see the burned tracks on the new DVD's; they are all shiny like the blank discs. What can I do?
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    What brand are your DVD blanks? That can make a major difference. You may have a bad batch, or your DVD burner may be failing. Trying a known good brand is one simple test.
    And what program did you burn them with? I would recommend only ImgBurn.
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    If you can't see the burned tracks then they probably aren't there. To burn a DVD uses a different laser in the burner than for a CD so just because it works for CD's doesn't mean it will work with DVD's.
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    If the disc shows no signs of actually being burned, then could it be that your burning app has a Simulation Mode, that may be checked (by accident or by prank)?
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  5. Laser assemblies consist of a 'read' laser and a 'write' (burn) laser.
    Your assembly could be dirty and need cleaning, or the 'write' laser might have burned out.
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