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    I want to make a video for help primary school children to study English. There are 3 characters in the video ( they are puppets at this point). I want the first puppet, a bird, to show on a tablet pc that I have hidden in the face of a clock. The second character, a dog, will be displayed in the lantern on the mantel and a third character, an elephant, will be displayed on my tv. The 3 characters, will have their own scripts but will all be a part of the same lesson, and at times must interact with each other and even sing together.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this?
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    I have a number of suggestions (genlocked Smpte timecode, midi timecode, quicktime, director app/flash, projection, dlna beaming, custom programming) but NONE of them are going to be either quick, easy, or cheap.

    Start smaller and work your way up.

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    I think Flash would be best for interactive projects like that. You make a simple html page you embed your swf and voilą. Children can click the right button each video is displayed whenever you want etc... lots of possibilites with flash, but it's not free.

    A good place to learn flash is here:
    I spent countless time on their forum years ago
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