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    I am posting here after ages. I was mighty impressed with the quality of the responses here when I last posted about a decade back.

    I have a Sony Blu-ray player (BDP-S4100) and a 2D TV Toshiba 39L3300 TV. Is there any way I can play my Sony 3D BLU- RAY disks on my 2D TV ?

    Cheers Folks !!
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    3D Blu-ray discs have a flag that can be set to "play as 2D in 2D player" or "do not allow 2D playback". So, it depends on how that flag was set.
    If "do not allow", then you will get a message on the screen stating it won't play. If "allow", then you don't have to do anything, as the player will automatically just use the MAIN AVC stream (usually this is the Left-eye view) as the 2D.

    Regardless, you can always decrypt+rip+convert to an Anaglyph (see previous threads on the subject). Then you can watch - it as a form of 3D - on you 2D TV set. This assumes you won't have problems with Cinavia.

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    Or, if it's okay by you to play it as 2D (but you can't as there's a do not play flag), just run a driver-level decrypter in the background (AnyDVDHD or DVDFabPasskey) and extract the main movie 2D version (left view) with Clown_BD. Output as Blu-Ray and burn it to a blank BDR.
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