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  1. Hello,

    I'm doing a subtitle with Subtitle Edit. I have 2 original files, the other one for captions and the other one for subtitles.

    1. How can I change the position of the captions? I can't find a function for that in Subtitle Edit or Aegisub. In some cases I want to fit both the caption on top and subtitle on bottom. If thatīs too difficult I can have them after oneother but I need to position some captions on top.

    2. In some cases, I want to cover the on-screen text with the translation. So I guess I just have to get a black background for the subtitle and place it correctly. Unfortunately I can't find a way to get a black background and white text. Any ideas?

    3. Do I have to combine the captions and subtitles in the same file? I'm supposed to deliver STL-files, but I guess if that's not possible srt is okay too.

    I'm very new to subtitling and have figured out everything else I needed but now I'm running out of time and nerves. I would really appreciate your help!
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    Here's some answers which will maybe help you.

    1. Positionning is available in styling, in Aegisub.
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    Chose the original position of the sub (i recommend "center bottom" alignment), and then play with the margins parameters.
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    Then save your syle under some name. Its now a "preset".
    You can preview the result within Aegisub (You'll need to load your video)

    - To do so : You can apply a style (and hence, a defined position) line by line.
    Juste select one (or multiple ones) and then drop down the style menu to apply.
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    You may find some useful info on this topic
    (Post #14 may be what you need)

    I didnt get the difference you make between "captions" and "subs" in your exemple.
    But Aegisub can export .Stl files.

    Good Luck
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