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    As you guess, I have both Sony BDP-BX57 BD player and STR-DE597 receiver.
    Their remote are RMT-B107A and RMU306B respectively.
    These two remotes cannot switch each other on and off, even they suppose to be system remote.
    What a pain . . .joke . . @#$, or I misses something ?

    I would like to find out is there a remote that can work with both of them ?

    I have a Philips learning remote but it only can learn part of their codes !

    Sony does sell universal remote, do their universal remote able to work their own player and receiver ?
    I have to ask this seemly dumb question, but Sony has known to NOT co-ordinate what they make.

    Just why there are so many codes for the same company for their models ?
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    Take a look at the Logitech remotes. There are several models to choose from.
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    Since they are both sony you should be able to set the remotes to work with each other,just read the manual,i have a sony blu-ray and sony receiver and sony tv and a ps3 and they can work with each other with just one control using the hdmi system control.
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