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    Does anyone know of a program to convert HD-DVD to Blu Ray?
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    Not sure if there's a single app that does it all, but (probably a better way anyway):
    1. Decrypt+Rip (DVDFab HD Decrypter, ANYDVD, etc)
    2. Demux (EVOdemux)
    3. Re-author (TSMuxer, MultiAVCHD, etc)
    4. Burn (ImgBurn)

    Menus & nav logic won't transfer, but then they never have for DVD either, etc.

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    ClownBD can do it after you decrypt the HD-DVD. It uses some of the same tools that Cornucopia mentions, just in one GUI.

    If burning to a disc, use ImgBurn as mentioned.
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    TSmuxer,just load the EVO files and it will create BR structure. I converted all my HD-DVD's to Blue Ray this way. You will need a ROM drive capable of reading HD-DVD's.
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    Originally Posted by wulf109 View Post
    You will need a ROM drive capable of reading HD-DVD's.
    This. This this this this this.

    If you don't already have one, then I wish you a lot of luck. They haven't been manufactured for years and I have no idea what they're going for on the secondary market. Unless you really have a lot of these to convert, it might actually be cheaper to just buy the BluRay versions. And pay careful attention to what Cornucopia posted - you CANNOT convert menus. Period. If you want to just do the movie with no menus this way, no problem. You can get the extras, but you'll have to rip them individually and again - no menus.
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    If you need an HD-DVD drive for your computer, here is a fairly complete list:

    They show up on ebay regularly, though of course, with used equipment you can never be certain of condition. The LG GGW-H20L was a particularly good Blu-ray burner and HD-DVD reader.
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