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    Hi! I am having some really annoying trouble, but couldn't decide which forum to post this in. I am trying to join scenes from DVDs together (to save time swapping discs all the time). I rip them using DVD Decrypter and get .vob files for the scenes I choose. Then I convert them in VOB2MPG. They play fine when I test them in Windows Media Player. However, I pulled them into Pinnacle Studio 11 and the a/v gets out of sync. It starts ok for the first few seconds, but slowly gets worse and worse. Until by the end, they must be seconds off. Most of the scenes are about 3-10 minutes long. I did the same rip and conversion on about 40 different files. One set of DVDs works fine. However, the rest all have the a/v out of sync problem. Any ideas would be appreciated. I have been making video montages and transferring VHS to DVD for years. However, I know the basics I know. I am not a whiz at this! But, I do know some things. So, I don't know where that leaves me . . .

    Thanks for any help! This is driving me insane!
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    As the files play fine themselves, it's obviously a Pinnacle issue. Perhaps try a different editor.
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    Don't use windows media player,it's garbage,use mpc-hc to view the videos,use handbrake to encode the dvds and use mkvmerge to join what you want,much better than than editing dvds,takes a bit more learning but it's worth it.
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