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    Hi all, I have subtitles of the movies but intended for different frame rate. The subs (for 29.970Hz) has an extra clip so it start at the later time from the intended clips (which is 23.976Hz). I tried to shift the subs first (to eliminate the effect of extra clips) and change the frame rate. I also tried to change the frame rate first then shift the subs so at the beginning it will sync. However later in the movies the subs will not sync with both way. Is there any idea hot to make this work? Thanks!
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    Hollywood movies, shot at 24 frames per second (23.976) when encoded for NTSC DVD have an effective frame rate of 30 FPS (29.97).
    The movie is not sped up/slowed down, the run time is the same, the extra frames are derived by repeating certain frames in a pattern.

    Align a subtitle as soon as possible at the start of the movie with someone's lip movement. Then go to the end of the film and check.
    How far out is it?

    This is one way to do it. Another is to go to one of the subtitle sites and look for another sub.
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    You can use Subtitle Edit. Open your srt file. Import your videofile and you can visually sync with one of the first and one of the last subtitles. All times will be adjusted the right way - no worries about framerates with srt.
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