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  1. I've been downloading videos from with no problem using the RTMP Explorer, but they've changed the way the video page is set up, and now the videos no longer play in the explorer window. I can't seem to get them using any browser plugins or page view options, either. Please help! (And all of the back-end stuff is Greek to me, so please keep it simple...thanks!)
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  2. Originally Posted by bluejay71 View Post has a new video player that doesn't seem to work with RTMP Explorer and crashes StreamTransport as soon as the video starts playing. Can anyone show me how to download "Mosquito Dragon" and/or "Crocogator Contest" from here:

    Thank you!
    Watch network traffic for the "getVideos" call.
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  3. Thanks so much! Can you explain how to watch the network traffic and pull out the URLs? I'm very new to all of this.
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    Unless I'm mistaken, PBS content is DRM protected.
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  5. Originally Posted by Krispy Kritter View Post
    Unless I'm mistaken, PBS content is DRM protected.
    Your disjunction is true, and PBS content is not DRM protected.
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