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  1. I have seen a couple of firmware updates various places for this unit. But I also know that third parties develop them.

    Today I went to Asus and saw the available firmware listed as this year (or last) and ran the .exe.
    This was called a firmware update for 1.00. The exe informed me that the firmware of my unit (manufacture date in 2011) was up to date.

    Elsewhere is shown a firmware 1.05 whose date or origin I have not found nor an .exe download site for it.

    I'm trying to resolve getting the Asus to boot from CD from a SATA port on a PCI add-in card
    and trying both BIOS updates and firmware updates to resolve the problem.

    At some point I can give the chip info for the on-card drive controller from VIA if needed.
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    The "PCI add-in card" ist the real problem.
    Connect the drive to the internal sata controller and disable AHCI and RAID.
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