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    the new BIOS update is giving me instability issues with my old OC settings, should i continue increasing vcore and cpu/nb voltage to stabilize the system or go back to old BIOS version? The new vcore CPU/NB voltages seems a little too high to me but I don't know if this is normal. Example:

    Before the new BIOS update when it was 24/7 OC stable:
    vcore offset voltage was 1.225v + 0.143750 and CPU/NB offset voltage was 1.125 + 0.243750

    now after the new BIOS update it's relatively unstable:
    vcore offset voltage is 1.415v + 0.193750 and CPU/NB offset voltage is 1.406 + 0.281250.
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    Have a look here for best answers:
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