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    I am looking for converter to make flash (SWF) video file for uploading on the web site.I have AVI video file (720x576).I have try many converterts but no one of them produce really quality video file.
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    { nevermind }
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    If you only have a video, you would probably convert it to AVC (H.264) + AAC in an FLV container. That could be done with many different tools, some will be based on ffmpeg. There are some free Flash Video player objects one can embed into websites.

    But the SWF container is a different topic. In case of video, it would be a double container (SWF wrapped around FLV), also including some ActionScript to implement basic player features. But authoring with ActionScript may possibly require buying Adobe Flash Pro. I don't know if there is any legal free SWF authoring suite not licensed from Adobe.
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    Or just convert to mp4(h264 video and aac audio). Flash has supported it for years now.
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  5. Best one I found:
    Quality is all to do with video bitrate; larger bitrate=better quality.
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