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  1. What's the better setting for converterr HandBrake bluray to mkv without losing quality?
    I am having problem with the picture quality as can be seen below. How can I solve this problem?

    I followed the settings below but did not work.

    where can I find a tutorial with all the settings?
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  2. Try disabling the decomb filter and enabling the de-interlacing filter instead. Assuming it's a de-interlacing problem.....
    Unless you know for sure what the original frame rate is it might be an idea to select "same as source" for the output frame rate.

    It might pay to split off a small sample of the original video and upload it for someone to look at.
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    You could also try MakeMKV. It wil produce a MKV with no loss of quality but the files are large.
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  4. What's your source? If that's in the source, it will be in the end product too.

    First dump the source uncompressed into one large .mkv file with something like MakeMKV. Then take that and compress it with Handbrake (I like RF18 for HD stuff). A lot of people say RF20 is plenty.

    If you have an Intel chip, you can get the nightly build with the Intel QSV encoder and it uses your GPU to do the encoding - and does it a lot faster than the x264 encoder. You also want to make sure you select "High Profile" over on the right hand side.

    Then just play around with the RF settings until you get to a quality vs. size that you are happy with.
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  5. I know this doesn't help with the Handbrake settings but I prefer using BD Rebuilder via the Alternate Movie-Only Output mode to create an MKV backup. Let BD Rebuilder decide what the best tweaks are for the settings and check out the results. You might be pleasantly impressed.
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    Post a mediainfo of the video.
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    I never use Handbrake or VidCoder for Blu-Ray conversions. Instead, I use RipBot264 for BD to MKV, H.264, 2 pass with AC3 output, and I lock the output size at 7900 to easily fit on a DL DVD for backup.

    They look great on my 12' projection screen. Give it a try. It does take a while if you don't have a fairly fast or non-multicore PC. But you can always run the conversions overnight.
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