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  1. Some one recommended using the filter dll from Aegisub and place it in the plugins directory of virtualdub in order to get UTF-8 subtitle support in Virtualdub. I tried placing the xy-vsfilter-aegisub32.dll (and changed the ext to .vdf) from Aegisub in either of the plugins and/or plugins32 directories under Virtrualdub 1.8.6 and I did not see a new filter appear in the filter list.

    What should I expect?

    Is this the correct way to get UTF-8 subtitle support for srt files under virtualdub?

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  2. sick'n'tired of evrything
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    Try changing the whole filename to "VSFilter.vdf", perhaps that makes some difference ---

    --- especially when you have a VERY-ancient version of VirtualDub

    Anyway, VSFilter gives you two new entries, namely TextSub and VobSub.
    If VirtualDub fails to load VSFilter, then something fishy is happening elsewhere on your system
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