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    1, I'm starting to get this page appear nearly everytime i use Firefox.

    Attachment 26360 (click for full size)

    2, I cannot update Malwarebytes and i keep getting a Malwarebytes popup

    3, I cannot use Internet Download Manager, i get this popup

    Attachment 26362 (click for full size)
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  2. Let's assume it's malware, boot the computer into safe mode with networking, see if you can get to the web page, if you can, get to and download rkill and combofix, run rkill first, this will shut down any processes of malware, then run combofix and wait for it to finish. This is where I would start.
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    Need more info

    That message is more likely an issue with their sites security certificate being out dated, damaged, revoked, add it to exemptions list if you trust it

    Tools > Options > Advanced : Encryption: Certificates - View Certificates > Servers

    Can other browsers navigate to the site in question ?

    The second needs more info

    What is your trying to do with IDM.

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    I will just inject a thought about Combofix; this is a serious piece of software. Used incorrectly it will damage your operating system; once it starts, do not move or click the mouse or keyboard, it can hang the system. Be positively sure that all your antivirus and firewalls installed are turned off. If you get a warning from Combofix that there is an AV still running, believe it and do not proceed. I believe Bleeping Computer has directions, so read them carefully. It appears to me that Bjs approach should be your first plan of action.
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