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    Why is it every time I use XMedia Recode, a movie plays all broken up with pixels and it plays in fast as if I have it on Picture Search?

    I don't know why I'm getting so many problems. MakeMKV is annoying me enough because my titles are playing where the movies keep on jumping here and there as if some footage is missing as if I have jump cuts, I thought I'd rip using Leawo Blu-ray to MKV Converter. Finally things played okay and when I used XMedia Recode to compress a movie, that is when it came out with pixels and playing too fast. Why am I having one problem after another? I just wasted over seven and-a-half hours compressing a movie to find out it came out like garbage. What caused all that?

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    Specify what settings uses and whether all files obtained a similar problem? Fast playback is obtained from the outset or over time?
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