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  1. I'm trying to compress an MKV file with Handbrake and it's been running for about half-hour and the percentage hasn't gone up after all that time. Why isn't it working? Thanks.
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    Maybe it is working. The amount of time needed to encode video will depend largely on the speed of the PC, as well as source file size and the encoding settings.
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  3. It is working now. Thanks anyway. I didn't notice a percentage in the bottom left corner. Is it possible to choose what size I want to compress to so that I don't compress too much? I noticed M2TS compresses to a file size larger compared to MP4 but I'm still seeing pixels under M2TS. I compressed something at the duration of just over fourteen minutes under MP4 and the file size was just over 500MB and 1.44GB under M2TS. I'd like to compress to at least 2GB and hopefully the pixels won't show.

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    If you select 'Target Size', then you can fairly accurately select your output size.

    I use VidCoder most times. It's a front end for Handbrake and makes the program a lot easier to use.
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  5. You could use "Constant Quality" instead. This gives you the same quality each time with whatever-filesize-is-needed. Lower value better quality/lager file, encode 3-5 min and find the value that suits you.
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  6. Thanks, Redwudz and thanks, Videobruger for the help.
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