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  1. When I rip a blu-ray to MKV using Leawo Blu-ray to MKV Converter, the files are way too big. Other people can rip a two-hour movie to a file size of 2GB or 3GB and mine are nearly 30GB that is the amount of space a movie uses on the blu-ray discs. How do I make the file sizes a lot smaller?

    I'm going away for a bit soon and I want to rip some of my blu-rays to my hard drive so that I don't have to take all those discs with me. The way things are going I'm going to have no hard drive space left the way these files are going at their massive sizes and I need help to make them a lot smaller.

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    Ripping is simply copying the BR contents. Use MakeMKV or Handbrake to convert
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  3. Originally Posted by smrpix View Post
    Ripping is simply copying the BR contents. Use MakeMKV or Handbrake to convert
    Thanks. How much do these cost because I just paid 26.00 for that other software that I mentioned?
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    MakeMKV is free to use while in beta, and has been in beta for years now. Just put in a new beta key every month or so from their forum. But MakeMKV will not compress anything.
    You could use it to break encryption and rip as a mkv file (main movie only), or you can use it in Backup mode and get the entire thing on the hard drive in Blu-ray format.

    Once decrypted and on the hard drive, use Handbrake or Vidcoder to compress. Both are free. Vidcoder will let you set a specific output size as your target.

    Personally, I'd stick to rather larger output size to maintain better quality. 4-5gb would be my minimum target size.
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  5. Thanks.

    I don't want to compress the files too much for the same reason.

    I installed Make MKV but I went to load a BLu-ray disc and I can't locate the video files. I found other folders but no video files. Where are they?

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  6. False alarm. I found it. I didn't know Make MKV was defaulted to my DVD burner. I changed it to my Blu-ray and it's working. Thanks so much for your help.
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