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    I'm going to help parents' association in one elementary school to tape monthly events video.
    I plan to make a short 3D animated title video for every video in the first 10 seconds, with dynamic action music. This short title video is about the logo and name of parents' association.
    Can anyone suggest me free or pay title music website ? I use Adobe Premiere Element to edit video. How can I match the heavy beats of the action music with the 3D title video ? For instance, at the end of the title video, I need to match the association logo fly in and stop in the center of video with a heavy big "BANG" beats ?
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    'Borrowed' and joined together (ahem)...purely for educational purposes. I think that's 'fair use'.

    I used the 'Demo: Custom Text' option because you didn't supply the logo,
    and it's as rough as a bear's ass because it's just an example. Lol.
    The flixpress site looks quite good. Not sure of the prices but it might be what you're looking for.
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    Wow. Flixpress DOES look cool. Never knew it was there.

    BluffTitler just introduced a music visualization feature that is worth looking at:

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  4. Thanks Brainiac. Just downloaded the demo. Is the user manual included in the package or is it just an online version?

    One more thing, I am finding VideoHelp pages slow to load and refresh since yesterday morning.
    Has anyone else noticed anything? Is there a maintenance issue I am not aware of?
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    Only online, AFAIK.

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