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    I have a room with 7*3.5 meter size.
    With roof height about 4 meter.
    I need to buy a Video projector and it's only use in home.
    My use is about play movie in my room.
    Please give me your suggest.

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    Too many factors to suggest without knowing the lighting conditions, the type of lamp you want ie long life 20000+ rated led, Hybrid-LED Laser or shorter duration but often much brighter 2000 to 6000 hour Arc-(metal halide) lamps. Do you want a short throw projector or one that will sit behind you. Do you want a DLP or an LCD projector. Do you want rear projection capabilities, ceiling mountable. Do you want a 3D ready projector, what resolution? What type of input connectors. What size and type of screen will you plan on projecting on. You may get some people who are satisfied with their projector and name a brand and model but ultimately you still need to know if it meets your requirements and how much you are willing to spend.

    There's a site called where they have all sorts of information about different model projectors. Once you have an idea of the model that interest you then there is a tool called calculator pro which will give you some information about distance, lighting and screen sizes etc...
    There's not much to do but then I can't do much anyway.
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    Thank you about your helpful post.
    I check the site and if there's more question share with you.

    Thank you
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    Your room height is 12x22x13 ft. high; that is a small room. So that means that your screen is going to be small. That will also effectively rule out a rear-projection setup, you will lose too much room for the audience to sit even with a short-throw lens. In addition, ideally the projector will be set up behind and above the audience so that it is unobtrusive. Again, with that small size room you are going to run into viewing screen size problems, since the further away from the screen the projector is, the larger will be the throw onto the screen. So it may be that rear overhead mounting will not work and you will have to mount it somewhere in the middle of the audience.
    If you are really serious about this, I suggest a 5000 lumen HD projector. Remember, you are not making a short presentation for a business meeting, you are going to be showing high definition movies (I am assuming) so you need brightness, deep color and high definition features. 3500 lumen costs less and sounds like a lot of light, but in reality that is only suitable for business meeting presentations. Also remember, these bulbs last only so many hours and burn out, and are unbelievably expensive to replace, so be sure to check out if they are available and the cost in your country.
    Hope this helps.
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