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    i tried it once and the quality was terrible can any one help with the right settings or better software and how to use it to keep original quallity
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    If you're trying to create a regular DVD that will play on the computer and standalone players,
    try AVStoDVD.

    The 800 MB's of the source files is irrelevant, only the playing time (hours and minutes) is a factor.
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    Originally Posted by sataniclouie View Post
    i tried it once and the quality was terrible
    That's because you are trying to stuff two full length movies onto one single layer DVD. Can you go into a store and buy something like that?
    No. Just one of those movies most likely requires a dual/double layer DVD.
    PLUS your 800MB downloaded torrent crap is about 1/5th of the quality of the original DVD because of re-encoding, now you want to re-encode it again and expect "quality".
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