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  1. Hello,
    I'm downloading a web protected media stream using ffmpeg using this command:
    ffmpeg -i "URLHERE" -c copy t.ts
    But the output file is not supported by tsmuxer for direct muxing, how can i save my self time reconverting the file and let ffmpeg do a Blu-ray muxing ready file while downloading/ripping.

    Default output file properties:

    Is it the audio or both audio and video?

    If it's the audio only, how can set ffmpeg to export the audio as ac3 instead of aac while keeping the video quality as it is (copy).

    Thank you.
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    Aac audio is not blu-ray compliant.

    Maybe try
    ffdshow -i url -vcodec copy -acodec ac3 -ab 224k t.ts
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  3. Thank you Baldrick.
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