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    Philips DVDR610 DVD Recorder

    hi there people im new to all this. please could you give me some advice please.
    i have a Philips DVDR610 DVD Recorder i use for cctv. couple of days ago it would not read the discs. the discs are maxell ive used these discs over a year now. with no problems at all. couple of days ago it would say disc error. so i brought a dvd lens cleaner. put that in the dvd still the same problem. so i took the machine apart to clean the lens bingo it started reading the discs again. the problem ive got now is that when i record on m8 mode which is 8 hours 10 mins. and when i press record its showing that its recording for 8 hours 10 mins it only records for 1 hour 20 mins. then stops i decided to record on m6 which is 6 hours but then it only records for 40 mins then it stops recording allso. not to sure what to check. or where im going wrong. im a bit confused because its showing on the dvd screen that its recording for 8hours 10 mins. but it stops recording after 1 hour 20 mins. any help would be great thanks
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    Just because the disks you used before were fine it does not mean a new batch are also fine.

    Most disks are badged - the name on the box is not the name of the true manufacturer - so it may well be that the recorder does not like these disks.

    You could try another brand - Verbatim is probably the most reliable. But the unit itself could have a fault and is recording at the wrong speed despite what it is set for.
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    I truly wish I could get paid every time someone joins us and posts how they've been using POS brand discs for years and never had a problem and now, suddenly, they have a problem. But it can't be the discs...

    Maxell discs are horrible. They've always been horrible. Back in the day when most manufacturers actually made good media, unlike today, Maxell discs were still bad. Without a doubt they are the WORST discs I ever bought. So yes, believe it or not it can be your discs.

    Most likely your recorder is simply reaching the end of its useful lifespan. If you had better media you might get it to work a little bit longer, but "can't burn the crap media" is almost always a sign that it's near the end. Just so you know, the only consistently good quality media any more for DVDs is Verbatim (everything except their Life series is good - not sure if they sell the Life series in the UK - and Life is NOT the same as DataLifePlus which they make and is great) and Taiyo Yuden (all good). That's it. Sony is hit or miss in that sometimes they use the good manufacturers and sometimes they don't. Nobody else even tries to use high quality manufactured media.

    By the way, we do get posts from people who have used junk media like Maxell for years and then they find years later that their burns are no good. So don't be surprised if your "good" Maxell discs become unplayable.
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    I have a Philips DVDR985 that still works(well at least it worked several years ago - the last time I used it)....but just barely. Your Philips is dying. Plain and simple. "It's better to have loved and lost........."
    I loved mine but nothing lasts forever. A firmware update revived it for another year or so after that....finalizing took longer and longer until it became a crap shoot to even use it.
    So long DVDR985 - it really was love at first sight.

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