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  1. A Prairie Home Companion
    Weekly radio show with Garrison Keillor that has been broadcast for past 40 years.

    Note: You can listen to old shows on demand streaming audio by going to:

    If you want to download a show (like to put on your mp3 player), you can use the following url:
    This will download the June 28, 2014 show.

    To download other show dates, go to:

    and get the exact date for the show that you want, then
    modify the url (use above url ending in mp3 as pattern) in 2 places as shown in the following example. For example, to download the April 5 show (2014/04/05),
    use the following url:
    So you can use the following url as a pattern to download any show ( replace x with show date in proper format as shown in above examples.
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    Thank you so much--been trying various time-consuming methods and streaming audio recorders, etc., for several years now. Time to download before he retires...
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