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    Hi, wonder if you can help?

    First time poster on here so be gentle.

    To give you all the facts...........I've recently bought a Sony Bravia KDL32W653 & also a Seagate 1TB External HD. I use a MacBookPro but I have the partition I use for films (& other media), partitioned as MS-DOS (Fat).

    I put some films on the HD to test it out but now I'm a bit confused? I've had some play fine & others that won't play at all even though both files were AVI files & I've had others play/not play in the same situation that both were XVID? Also I seem to have two of each film on there even though there only one of each showing on the HD? One film that had the two copies showing, again a AVI file, wouldn't play either?!?

    Anyone know any reason for this? Being a bit new to these kind of things I'm just a bit confused so any help or tips would be very much appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance!


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    Examine the avi files, both the ones that play and the ones that don't, with a program called MediaInfo. There is a version of the program for Mac's.

    I find the Tree or Text views in MediaInfo to be the most informative.

    You can copy and paste the information into this thread, so that others can examine them, but be sure to label them as working/not working.
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  3. Packed bitframe? GMC? QPEL? Those are three xvid features that some players can't deal with. Frame size? Some players can't handle Xvid at HD resolution. Audio codec? Maybe the TV refuses to play the video if it doesn't support the audio codec. The media players in TVs usually support only a narrow range of media containers, codecs, and properties.
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