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    Hi, I'm a tour bus driver and have a collection of concert DVD's that I like to play for passengers. Basically what I want to do is take certain songs from the various DVD's and burn them into a "Greatest Hits" collection to blank DVD. My goal is to have a collection of DVD's that I can choose from depending on the situation (age or race of passengers etc), but am confused about the whole process. I have figured out how to rip clips to MP4 with Handbrake but beyond that I'm lost because I want as close to 1:1 quality as possible.

    Since my DVD's have copy protections I'll need to use a decryptor. I have a Macbook Air laptop and a PC with WIN 7 Pro. On the PC I have Adobe Premier installed if that matters. Our buses only have DVD's available - no Blue Ray or DVD/HD players etc. Also, I don't care if I need to pay for software that can do this, I just want to use the best programs available that can make this go as smooth as possible. Thanks!
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    YOu can use dvd shrink to rip out clips/songs and make a mixed dvd. It can also rip dvds...but not all but you can then install dvdfab passkey or anydvd as a background ripper.

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