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    I'm working with a very slow computer which runs on xp and has only 1GB ram. I know video editing isn't the best idea but the pc is not mine so I have to make the most out of what I have (helping a kid).

    We have a video where I need to replace some parts of the audio with new clips (like a voice-over).
    Normally I'd suggest audacity and avidemux but, as the latter is a linear video editor, it means that we have to do everything bit by bit: cut a few video frames, synch them with the new audio, save the file and merge it with the previously saved clips (hoping that everything is ok and in synch on the first try). It takes ages.

    Is there a program we could use to speed things up? Filetype doesn't matter at this point although we're working with mp4s mostly. I can cut the new audio clips in advance with audacity but basically we need this:

    Any ideas?
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    You may want to try to dig up OLD versions of Windows Movie Maker, Vegas Movie Studio or Premiere Pro (or elements.) But even so, the mp4s may be problematic with that little RAM.
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