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    Will someone give me the image of a service disc for a Pioneer DVR please?

    I'm in Australia and have a Pioneer DVR-630H-S which was manufactured in October 2005. It's DVD drive needs to be replaced (I have a replacement DVR-R09-XP drive) and I need a service disk to complete the task. The service manual (order number RRV3182) says to use disc GGV1239 but that GGV1179 is also suitable. (I have emailed to request one of these but not received a reply.)

    If you can supply an image and would prefer, I can provide a URL that will allow the disc image to be uploaded to a server.

    By the way, some history... the DVD drive in my DVR-630H-S stopped working reliably some time ago so I replaced it with a DVR-109 as per this thread:

    When the replacement stopped working a few months later (wouldn't copy all tracks in a list to DVD, wouldn't finalize DVDs) the only replacement drive I could get was a DVR-109BK and I transferred the original DVR-R09-XP logic board to it, but that failed:

    - the drive tray wouldn't open
    - a message saying "Incompatible or unreadable disc" kept appearing on the TV, even when the
    hard disk was selected on the recorder, not the DVD

    I moved the controller board from the DVR-109BK back into the DVR-109 but the problems didn't go away. At one stage the machine even said there was a problem with its hard disk and nothing on it could be accessed. Disconnecting the DVR-109's power and data cables made the hard disk accessible again, but the "Incompatible or unreadable disc" message keeps appearing every few seconds.
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    I too look for service disc for a Pioneer DVR 5100H. Can anyone help?
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    You may be able to find what you need on this site:

    or by emailing:
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