Will someone give me the image of a service disc for a Pioneer DVR please?

I'm in Australia and have a Pioneer DVR-630H-S which was manufactured in October 2005. It's DVD drive needs to be replaced (I have a replacement DVR-R09-XP drive) and I need a service disk to complete the task. The service manual (order number RRV3182) says to use disc GGV1239 but that GGV1179 is also suitable. (I have emailed support@pioneerfaq.info to request one of these but not received a reply.)

If you can supply an image and would prefer, I can provide a URL that will allow the disc image to be uploaded to a server.

By the way, some history... the DVD drive in my DVR-630H-S stopped working reliably some time ago so I replaced it with a DVR-109 as per this thread:


When the replacement stopped working a few months later (wouldn't copy all tracks in a list to DVD, wouldn't finalize DVDs) the only replacement drive I could get was a DVR-109BK and I transferred the original DVR-R09-XP logic board to it, but that failed:

- the drive tray wouldn't open
- a message saying "Incompatible or unreadable disc" kept appearing on the TV, even when the
hard disk was selected on the recorder, not the DVD

I moved the controller board from the DVR-109BK back into the DVR-109 but the problems didn't go away. At one stage the machine even said there was a problem with its hard disk and nothing on it could be accessed. Disconnecting the DVR-109's power and data cables made the hard disk accessible again, but the "Incompatible or unreadable disc" message keeps appearing every few seconds.