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    movie files are less then a gig each, my blank dvds are 4.7 gigs, tried nero and dvd flick (takes way to long to make an iso file) , is there any easier way so i can watch my movies in a dvd player, would settle for just two movies per dvd..... thanks for reading any help is appreciated
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    I assume you mean a video ts folder?

    You have to encode them as mpeg 2 and author it as a DVD properly.

    USe avstodvd to do this.

    If you use a dual layer blank you'll be able to use a better bitrate.

    You should limit it two for better quality.
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    Depends on what formats your DVD player can handle on a burned disc. If it can play Xvid AVI files, or mp4 or mkv files, you'd have a better chance of fitting three full length movies onto a single layer disc with acceptable video quality. For these formats, just burn the discs as ordinary data files.

    If you need DVD-video, you'd best check the running time of the three movies. I wouldn't try to put more than 2 to 2/12 hrs on a single layer disc. AVStoDVD is your best shot at converting to DVD-video, as already mentioned.
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