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    I need to convert ifo files at the moment but I would like to get the best converter for all files.
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    convert ifo files to what?
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    There is no best converter for all kinds of media files and all kinds of users. Each user has an own optimum between usability, quality preservation, size reduction and speed. And each pair of source and target format may have a different set of tools to achieve a conversion with specific side conditions.
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    There are lots of good tools recommended here by some very knowledgeable videoe geeks, but unfortunately they are not noob friendly. At all.

    There are also a bunch of free "easy to use" ones. If you're a lazy using your search engine that'll be mostly what you'll find because they all seem to use SEO. But they're terrible. I don't know of any good ones.

    The only ones I know of that have good power and reasonable ease of use are handbrake, vidcoder (really handbrake with a different front end) and avidemux.
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