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    I'm using dxtory, with huffYUV codec (ffdshow variant) for recording lossless. Also tried FFV1 with the same error. When I'm recording, some strange artifacts start appearing at the lower part of the screen, increasing gradually while the record session goes on. It also appears to be influenced by the recorded audio, increasing more when the audio is intense, and descending when the audio stops.

    I have no idea what can be the exactly cause for those artifacts and how can I fix it.
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    Try different versions of ffdshow. Or a different lossless codec, such as the original Huffyuv, UT video, Magic YUV, Camstudio, or X264.
    If the bug is in ffdshow, ain't much we can do, since the project is virtually dead.

    And if the bug is in Dxtory itself, please inform the developers.
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  3. I had a ffdshow version from 2012. I updated it to the last one and tried again.

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    I will try with MagicYUV.

    Edit: MagicYUV crashes when it starts recording, sigh.

    EDIT2: Re-used Lagarith YV12, it looks like it doesn't have those artifacts, so it was probably a ffdshow bug.
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