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    is not for me: my *** have an answer?

    Can a uncompressed YUY2 .avi file be interlaced? or is alwais progressive?

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    Uncompressed .avi is a codec. If your sourced is interlaced, the .avi should remain interlaced. If the source is progressive, the .avi ought to be progressive.
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    Question don't really make sense. AVI is a container, not a codec. Uncompressed, can be either interlaced or progressive. Depends on the source from which it was decompressed. If the source is interlaced/telcined, so is the uncompressed AVI. Likewise, progressive source = progressive uncompressed AVI.
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  4. The problem is that the AVI container doesn't indicate the whether the uncompressed video stream is progressive or interlaced. You have to keep track of that yourself and handle the video appropriately.
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