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    Some time ago I converted lots of CDs to MP3. Being the wise person that I am, I lost all the track listings. Is the any way / prog to retrieve the titles.
    All I have tried so far is Windows Media player. But that freezes my computer up.
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  2. How were the tracks named when they were ripped? Most rippers will automatically download album information and use it to tag and name the files when ripping. You can do the same thing after ripping and it'll generally work as long as the files weren't changed. ie if you load just a CDs worth of tracks into a media player you can get it to check for matching CDs in a database, but it'd probably need to be a ripped version of the original.... no missing or added tracks etc.... or the process will probably fail or produce incorrect matches. Most audio players would have that sort of ability these days.

    I was going to suggest foobar2000 as it's the player I use and I know it has that function, but you might want to try Mp3tag. It's not a player but it's designed for tagging and naming various types of audio files (not just MP3s). It'll look for matches using a few different databases and I think it has the ability to look for matches for a CD in your drive then apply them to ripped files if need be.
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  3. MusicBee is also an audio player you might want to try. I'm pretty sure it has "look up" abilities and it's probably a little more user friendly than foobar2000.
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  4. You can always just Google the CD's you ripped for a track listing and then name them yourself.
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    I added a musicbee mirror.
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